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10x16 Lofted Barn 

Insulation & Sheetrock
Paint& Texture

Electrical, Mini Split
Indoor Lighting/ Porch Light
Breaker Box, Outlets
Air Conditioner/ Heater
8' Of Loft Bedspace
4' of Loft Storage
2 Upper Cabinets (single doors)
8' Counter space
1 Floor to Ceiling Cabinet( four doors)


Borjon 10x16 #6.jpg

Cash Price: $15,000
Call: 5309052061
For details

Borjon, 10x16 #5.jpg
Borjon 10x16 #8.jpg
Borjon, 10x16 #3.jpg
Borjon 10x16 #4.jpg
BORJON, 10x16 #1.jpg
BORJON,10x16 #2.jpg
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